Big Cottonwood Vineyards and Winery
Crisp white with citrus flavors. Pairs
well with most chicken and fish meals
as well as an aperitif wine with lighter
Blushing Pelican
Our original Pelican is a crisp St. Vincent blush wine with
hints of strawberry flavors.
Dry Wines
These semi-sweet wines are made in tribute to Tekamah’s symbol of discovery and
exploration.  All start sweet and finish dry, but leave your taste buds wanting more.
Semi-Sweet Wines
Sweet Wines
Prairie Star
Delicate pear flavors and a slight apple-y bouquet make
this wine a refreshing complement to salads or spicy
meal…or a great refresher on a hot summer day.   
A wonderful white wine with hints of  
pineapple and a sensuous mouth feel.  
Great for sipping or with dessert!
Red wine with aromas of dark cherry.  
Works well with heavier dishes
including steak and grilled meats.
Pelican Rouge
A semi sweet blend of Frontenac and De Chaunac.  Very
smooth and a great wine chilled or at room temperature.
To complement our wines we offer meat and cheese plates featuring Nebraska made sausage and cheeses.
Baked to order hot baguettes with olive oil and dipping spices are also available.
Food Items
Saintly Pelican
A dry red wine with lots of fruitiness, it is a blend of St.
Croix and St. Vincent grapes.
St. Vincent Dry Rosé
This vintage is even rosier than
before.  The crisp flavors pair well with
most foods, especially barbeque.
A unique blend of Raspberry wine and Seyval.    
A great summer porch/deck or anytime wine.  
Smooth and easy to drink. Just enough tartness
to be able to be paired with many foods.
Off-Dry Wines
St Vincent Red
Light and fruity with just a hint of sweetness to make it
easy on the palate
Not a sweet syrupy version, but one with
just a hint of tartness like fresh summer
berries.  You might expect to find some
seeds, but you won't.
Pudgy Pelican  (Extremely Limited Quantities)
A dessert wine made with St. Vincent, and brandy made
from Brianna.
Great now, and will smooth over the next few years.  20%
alcohol.  This is  made in the style of the traditional
fortified wines of Portugal.
Available in 375 mL only at this time.