Random shots of the porch construction.
"Post Henge"
Troy clearing the
A new way to mow those pesky weeds
Raw building site
The porch puzzle  arrives
Unloading the puzzle pieces
The crew starts to put the puzzle together
Dan and Leo arrive to save the day !
(Rick pretends to understand what
they are doing)
They move the power and phone line
so the crew can continue with the
All stop !
They found that the power line was not
where we had hoped.
And they found the phone line the "hard"
Setting the rest of the footings
The posts are growing
Morton we have a problem....
The roof appears, now it really
like a BIG porch.
Pouring concrete in the rain, thankfully
the roof is up.
The back wall is in, now for the
The floor is in, next the paint and lights.
< 9/29/16 >

Starting to look a bit more "finished" now.
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